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Applied Dynamics (ADI) is happy to announce that on November 21, 2019 in Washington, D.C., ADI participated in the F-35 JPO Pitch Day competition and was awarded a contract sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office to investigate the feasibility of modernizing US Air Force test facilities with industrial real-time Linux servers and the ADEPT Framework.

“ADI continues to be a long-standing part of Ann Arbor’s innovation ecosystem and we’re thrilled that its work to provide new solutions to defense programs was recognized during Pitch Day,” said Phil Santer, Ann Arbor SPARK senior vice president. “The National Security Innovation Network is looking at new ways to bring ideas into this space, and ADI’s success at Pitch Day shows how those concepts are being developed here in Ann Arbor.”

About the F-35 Pitch Day

NSIN, the F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office, and the AFRL Information Directorate hosted an event called the F-35 JPO Pitch Day, in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, November 21, 2019. This NSIN Starts program showcased a mix of vendors who could deliver quick wins juxtaposed with vendors who have long-term promise in utilizing fringe technology.

Selected participants presented short pitches demonstrating the potential of ventures working at the intersection of national security and scalable commercial opportunities. Startup finalists selected to present at the event had the opportunity to address high impact private sector investors, defense and security industry representatives, and government leaders and become eligible for future NSIN-sponsored opportunities.

About Industrial Real-Time Linux Servers

An Industrial real-time Linux server is a computer server, low-cost or very high-end, with a real-time Linux operating system installed and providing a set of services for time-deterministic, frequency-based, computing and data handling. This real-time Linux server is used to connect industrial capability, e.g. test facility, manufacturing line, electrical power system, into a Linux computing environment for the purpose of adding capability, e.g. predictive quality, anomaly detection, operational optimization, live data analysis, supervisory control, predictive maintenance.

About the ADEPT Framework

The ADEPT Framework is an industrial data and control software platform built around the concept of a “data framework” that links industrial real-time Linux servers as a distributed resource and provides desktop client control of the time-deterministic computing and data handling capability. The ADEPT Framework is used in the largest, most demanding industrial data and control applications across the global aerospace and defense industry, but also scales down to work with low-cost computing and open source real-time Linux. The open architecture framework allows users to leverage best-in-class COTS and open-source technologies in a common, project-based environment.

The ADEPT Framework software dramatically reduces the cost and time to deploy and operate industrial real-time Linux servers, with comprehensive capability and trusted technology.

About the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)

NSIN is a Department of Defense (DOD) program office with the mission to build networks of innovators that generate new solutions to national security problems. NSIN does this by building communities of non-traditional defense problem solvers (the academic and venture communities), exposing these communities to national security problems, and supporting the further development and transition of these solutions into the DOD. To facilitate the building of this network of problem solvers and to actively solve DOD problems, NSIN delivers three portfolios of programs: Acceleration, Collaboration, and National Service.

About Applied Dynamics

Applied Dynamics helps companies make better use of data and control assets through all stages of product development, verification testing, demonstration, training, and maintenance. Applied Dynamics flagship product, the ADEPT Framework, is a real-time, industrial Internet of Things (IoT) model-based systems engineering software platform providing an agile, feature-rich environment for supporting the product development lifecycle through development, integration, verification, validation and certification. ADEPT embraces an open architecture and allows its users to leverage best-in-class COTS components. The ADEPT user base includes 14 of the global top 35 A&D companies and extends into marine, power systems, oil & gas, and the automotive industry.

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