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Job Hunt Ann ArborAs a job seeker it can be difficult to connect with companies looking to hire. In this post by the Ann Arbor SPARK Talent Team we’ll outline five “out-there” tips that might just land you a big win.

5. Have your network do your personal PR: In the world of employment the focus tends to shift towards “who you know” as competition increases. So reach out to your network, let them know you are looking and request they keep an ear out for when they can drop your name in a conversation. If a friend knows a person who’s involved in the hiring process, ask him or her to reach out to their contact and preemptively sing your praises.

Don’t be afraid to use personal social networks like Facebook to let your network know you’re looking for a new position.

4. Blog to highlight your knowledge: Use a free service like WordPress or Blogger to showcase your areas of expertise.  Write about things happening in your industry, post recent articles and your thoughts on the topic, share your voice and your ideas to inspire others.

Have writers block?  Use photography or lists of great tools to fill your blog.  You don’t have to write a novel to get your point across or highlight your skills.

3. Seek speaking engagements: These events might get you in front of an audience of potential employers.  Even if your dream employer is not in the audience, promotions for the speaking engagement will help get your name out.

A fear of public speaking is perfectly normal. It’s also something that can be conquered, with a little help from organizations like Toastmasters. Connect with local business associations, chambers of commerce, even your neighborhood library for speaking opportunities.

2. Participate In A Sport Popular In Your Industry: For example, biking in Ann Arbor is very popular amongst the tech industry. If you go to biking events and join riding club, you are bound to socialize with industry insiders. It’s all about making that personal connection. Employers are more likely to hire candidates they know and like.

Not very athletic? Try other clubs like book groups or meet-ups that have an industry focus or appeal to leaders in your area.  Getting out for casual networking in a non-business setting helps to build relationships that can lead to future employment.

1. Cold Calling: Telemarketing is not just for product sales; cold calling can also be applied to your job hunt. Talking on the phone with decision makers can give you an edge over other candidates because you are creating a personal connection.

Be prepared for the call (even create a script with key information about yourself and the company) and understand there will be plenty of uninterested listeners. With this tactic it is more of a numbers game; the more companies you call and speak with, the more likely you are to be employed.

Remember to leave no stone unturned when it comes to your job search. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and add one or more of these job hunting tactics to your plan.