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Congratulations to three Ann Arbor early stage companies who were awarded funding from Invest Michigan.

  • Movellus Circuits– Movellus Circuits has designed a patent-pending clock generator technology for the microprocessor market that offers innovative mixed-signal IP and design services, delivered as either a soft or hardened IP in order to provide maximum design flexibility.
  • Elegus Technologies– Elegus Technologies is commercializing a battery separator that can increase the energy density of lithium-ion batteries without compromising safety.
  • Brio Device– Brio Device is a medical device company that has developed a product platform of airway management intubation products that improve patient outcomes by reducing unnecessary patient deaths and significant adverse events.

It’s a perfect fit because The University Commercialization Fund is a $1 Million grant designed to facilitate the transition from university research to a viable, startup business and Movellus Circuits, Elegus Technologies and Brio Device transferred from the University of Michigan.   Through the transition to the next stage of growth, Ann Arbor SPARK supported these three with various entrepreneur services including intern matching funds and mentoring for Movellus Circuits, assistance with a business accelerator grant as Elegus Technologies completes their move from Detroit to Ann Arbor and and grants to assist with IT and infrastructure for Brio Device.  Also, Brio Device attended the two-day intensive Ann Arbor SPARK boot camp.  Ann Arbor SPARK and the LDFA are proud to have worked with these three companies and many other high tech startups that demonstrate a viable business with emerging technology.  For more information about Ann Arbor SPARK entrepreneurial services please visit our website.