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SEIC Board meeting canceled 2/25/08

Yesterday’s meeting of the SEIC Board was canceled since not enough members could attend to make a quorum.  Their next meeting is March 12.  See their schedule for the year here:

The main item on the agenda yesterday that is now delayed two weeks was to approve the announcement of the RFP for eligible companies of the $30 million next round of 21CJF awards. This approval will now take place March 12.

After approval there will be a 14 day public comment period.  At the next SEIC meeting scheduled for April 9 the RFP will be approved and sent out with the criteria and timetable for applying.  Applicants will probably have until some time in late May to apply.  Given the time frame required to perform all the reviews, recommendations for investments will probably be presented to the SEIC in August at the earliest.

Mark your calendar to look for news about the next round on March 12.