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109 companies applied for funding

The numbers are in.  109 companies applied for funding in this round of the 21st Century Jobs Fund competition.  An astounding total of $451 million is being asked for in total.

Here’s a breakdown of the applicants:

27 in Advanced Automotive, Manufacturing, and Materials asking for $157,845,672

14 in Alternative Energy asked for $71,729,846

19 in Homeland Security and Defense asked for $43,402,965

49 Life Science companies asked for $178,666,184

This exceeded the expectations of most people we know.  Clearly some of the applicants didn’t pay attention to the fact there is only $30 million available. Green Earth Technologies from Stamford, CT is asking for $81,870,500.  Ten other companies asked for more than $10 million each.

See the entire list for yourself at

In addition to Green Earth mentioned above it is interesting to note 7 other companies applying are from out of state.

Next phase is validation that all the applicants met the minimum criteria for application then they go to the NCMS for peer review.

Good luck to all.

21CJF Applicants
List of all 109 applicants for a piece of the $30 mm 21CJF pool available