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Announcements went out advising companies they made it to the written review phase

Applicants for this round of the 21st Century Jobs Fund competition were notified yesterday that they were approved to move forward to the written review phase.  About 90 companies are moving forward.  We haven’t heard yet what the 26 companies were told who didn’t move forward.

This phase of the competition will take another two weeks.  NCMS will recommend to the SEIC on Aug. 20 which of these companies should go forward to the interview stage.  This phase will take place between Sept. 2 and Sept. 20.  The message companies received yesterday said that they will not have a choice on when to appear.  They will be given a date and they have to be there or forfeit.  So don’t plan on being out of town in September if you are under consideration.

The MEDC did provide as they said at the beginning of the competition, two forms of note.  This was always a question but we are delighted to see they were able to follow through.  There may be some room for negotiation on some fine points like milestones, but if the terms of either note are unacceptable as presented you should probably notify them now and drop out.  Save everyone, including yourself, time and trouble.

So it seems the competition is moving along smoothly.  Good luck to all that applied and are still competing.