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It’s no secret that wasted and inefficient work is one of IT’s biggest problems. Rework, double work, tech debt and low quality software abound.  Want to beat the trend and consistently deliver high quality software? The secret is using your requirements to create clarity and alignment for everyone involved.

In this session, Paul Mack will share some of the most common anti-patterns he sees in software requirements. Paul will also share the antidotes he uses for his requirements – and how they consistently deliver higher quality software & lead to happier, healthier teams. |

Host Bio: Over the past 15 years, Paul’s lead initiatives in FinTech, Security, social impact, leadership development, and executive facilitation. His clients’ industries include automotive, government, non-profit, higher education, and professional services. Earlier in his career, he taught Bio and AP Bio in Detroit Public Schools (through Teach for America) and did some mainframe Cobol programming.

Outside work, Paul enjoys raising his two children in the house he renovated near downtown Detroit and traveling in his camper van (and on airplanes) to off-the-beaten path locations. He refuses to wear white socks or flannel and is always up for a glass of bourbon or dry red wine.