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Have you ever felt the pain of significant resources poured into planning, only to see teams still struggle to deliver the software?  Many companies invest heavily into research, training, process management (and arguments…) for IT backlog management. In this talk, Paul will share a set of principles that maximize planning work’s ROI. Come ready to apply these principles to your backlog practices, share your relevant experiences, and discuss how we get the most from IT planning.

Host Bio | Paul Mack, product manager @Integral

Paul’s experience includes fintech, security, human resources, and student information systems products. He’s also led initiatives for social impact strategy and operations, leadership development, and executive facilitation.  His clients’ industries include automotive, government, non-profit, higher education, and professional services. Earlier in his career, he taught biology and AP biology in Detroit Public Schools (through Teach for America) and did some mainframe Cobol programming.

Outside work, Paul enjoys raising his two children in the house he renovated near downtown Detroit, traveling in his camper van (and on airplanes) to off-the-beaten path locations, and staying active through yoga, cycling, swimming, and being outdoors. He refuses to wear white socks or flannel and is always up for a glass of bourbon or dry red wine.