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Ann Arbor SPARK is returning to SXSW to support Midwest House! As proud co-sponsors of Michigan Day on Monday, March 11 – alongside the MEDA, Grand Rapids SmartZone, and more – we’re thrilled to showcase the spirit of innovation that drives the Ann Arbor region.

Join us at SXSW for a deep dive into Ann Arbor’s thriving green and sustainable ecosystem. Our panel, Green Horizons, will bring together thought leaders, changemakers, founders driving sustainability, and voices from initiatives like NextCycle and the Green Business Challenge. Explore how Ann Arbor is shaping the future of green business, fostering innovation, and positioning itself as a hub for sustainable growth. Gain insights, connect with industry pioneers, and discover how our community is actively shaping a greener tomorrow. Let’s unravel the potential of sustainable initiatives and elevate Ann Arbor’s green business reputation on a global stage.


  • Heidi Poscher, Senior Economist and SVP Strategy, Dynamic Energy Group
  • Praveena Ramaswami, Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations, EAVX
  • Missy Stultz, Sustainability and Innovations Director, City of Ann Arbor
  • Yahang Zhang, Consultant, Resource Recycling Systems, NextCycle