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B2B sales requires a formalized process. As entrepreneurs, you need to be able to know the conversion rate from stage to stage and the timeframe of this conversion in order to properly forecast precious cash. In addition, it is essential to understand where in the process potential customers may be dropping out so that you can correct this. Buyers often do not know how to buy and can lead you on a wild goose chase. Providing them a roadmap for the selection of your product can be beneficial, improve your win rate, and shorten your process.

Developing a standardized sales process and knowing how to begin are must-have skills. In this session, we will discuss these issues, show you how to improve your sales, and increase your probability of success.


About the Presenter:
This SPARK.ed is hosted by Ann Arbor SPARK and led by Ted Dacko, a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in B2B companies, engaging customers, and leading teams.