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Delve into the evolution of software development life cycles (SDLC) and the history of Agile practices. Unravel the ‘why’ behind these methodologies, from their origins to modern-day challenges and misuses. Join us for an informative discussion on the driving forces behind Agile and gain a comprehensive understanding of its development and common misconceptions.

About The Speaker

Steve Schreiber is a seasoned veteran with over 30 years of experience in software development. During his early years, he honed his coding skills in Assembly/Machine Language, fostering a profound understanding of the inner workings of technology. He gained valuable insights into the world of software development while working for a company deeply rooted in traditional “big iron” software practices, where he immersed himself in some of the most rigid waterfall processes.

As Schreiber transitioned into a hands-on Software Development Manager role, he witnessed the emergence of Agile practices. He not only delved into Agile literature but also actively experimented with and implemented various Agile methodologies over the years. Schreiber is renowned for his candid critique of organizations that claim to be Agile while adhering to outdated waterfall approaches, often playfully referring to them as “waterfragile.”

His true passion lies in engaging discussions about tailoring the perfect blend of practices to suit the unique needs and personalities of organizations, departments, and team members. Join Schreiber in thought-provoking conversations on optimizing software development practices.