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Led by Garden Juju Collective directors Bridget O’Brien and Dr. Charlie Brennan, this course offers practical hands-on activities with guest speakers in the sanctuary site of Gateway Farm, a working farm and demonstration site which weaves together regenerative agriculture, permaculture, certified organic market gardening, food forests, re-wilding and community engagement.

Join us for 7 days of in-person learning August 11 – 17, 2024, and continue with self-paced online modules.

This workshop could be for you if:

  • You are tired of seeing the many broken systems all around us and want to be a part of the movement that is regenerating land and creating sustainable solutions.
  • You feel a pull to work with nature rather than against it.
  • You would like to start living by design rather than by default.
  • You are curious about how to incorporate ecological design into your garden, farm, home, relationships, work and/or life.
  • You are craving a holistic approach to sharing resources, minimizing waste and advocating for human needs, earth needs and the needs of future generations.
  • You’ve heard about permaculture and want to learn more!

Gorgeous farm stay with onsite camping for a small fee, farmer food (3 meals/day), and community activities, ending with a Market Day at Gateway Farm.

Who is Garden Juju Collective?
Bridget O’Brien and Dr Charlie Brennan lead a team – of designers, experts, skilled practitioners, tradespeople and passionate workers – that we have come to call Garden Juju Collective. We have many years of experience in a wide range of projects, clients, places, challenges, opportunities and solutions. Charlie and Bridget also travel widely, visiting, acknowledging and learning from as many successful projects as they can. We are dedicated to finding ways to sustain, regenerate and heal places, communities and people. We specialize in creating ways to put aims, ideas, dreams and desires into action. To make it happen!

Garden Juju Collective offers a range of in-person and online workshops, presentations, services and packages. These draw together design, facilitation, social ecology, food justice permaculture, conservation, re-wilding, sustainability, environmental education, ecopsychology and deep respect for Indigenous land and culture.

Fully aware of the difficult times we live in, Bridget and Charlie create, travel and teach to support empowered change – to inspire and for the sheer joy of it all.

What is Gateway Farm?
Gateway Farm is an ambitious, cutting-edge farm project and business. It is putting into practice a regenerative, permaculture-inspired design that weaves together USDA certified organic market gardening, food forests, land regeneration and re-wilding, and is a demonstration site for these approaches. Gateway Farm is a place of abundance and beauty; a community hub offering nutrient dense food, education, events, sanctuary, and hope for the future.