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New Enterprise Forum, along with our featured stakeholder partner Brown & Brown Insurance, is excited to announce our upcoming NEF Forum Meeting on Thursday, March 16. The live portion kicks off at 5:00 p.m. at Ann Arbor SPARK with food, drink and networking. Online webinar coverage will begin at 5:45 p.m.

If you are an entrepreneur, there are many startup accelerator or incubator programs and partners in the marketplace. How do you choose the right one for yourself? Our panel discussion will address that, comparing and contrasting various options. Moderated by Jeff Ponders II, Principal at ID Ventures and Co-Founder of Commune Angels, the panelists will include Darren Riley, co-founder and CEO of JustAir Solutions; Sergio G. Rodriguez, founder and CEO of ToDooly; Andrea (Dre) Wallace, CEO of Opnr; and Monica Wheat, managing director of Techstars Detroit. These individuals have been on both sides, running accelerator programs and participating in them. And with Jeff leading the discussion, it will definitely be lively!

We will also have a showcase investor presentation from Claire Smith, founder and CEO of Tenera Grains, on its alternative grain product Teffola. Claire just completed the NEF coaching process and will tell the story of how she is leading the pivot of her family’s 7th-generation farm.