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New Enterprise Forum, along with our featured stakeholder partner Dykema, is excited to announce the upcoming NEF Forum Meeting on Thursday, June 15. The live portion kicks off at 5:00 p.m. at Ann Arbor SPARK with food, drink and networking. Online webinar coverage will begin at 5:45 p.m..

We will have a showcase investor presentation from Josh Nichols, CEO of CrossBraining, after his completion of the NEF coaching process. CrossBraining helps educators and trainers break away from the factory model of education by scaling personalized learning and improving engagement, driving deeper learning and saving time.

Following that, we will have what promises to be an insightful expert panel discussion entitled “The Different Paths to Entrepreneurship.” Three entrepreneurs will share their stories of how they found themselves leading their startups. Rather than talk about their current success, this panel will focus on their journey to become entrepreneurs, what alternatives they considered, and how their prior experiences helped them (or not) along the way.

Moderated by Luke Donahue, Consulting Director at J.D. Power and a member of the NEF board of directors, the panelists will be Sarah Beatty, Founder and CEO of Culturewell; Sean Carroll, Co-Founder of EnBiologics, Inc.; and Derrick Redding, CEO of Betterfrost Technologies.