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The Detroit and Ann Arbor Google Developer Groups (GDG) are teaming up once again to bring you the 9th Michigan DevFest on Dec 2, 2023 at the Little Caesar’s Global Resource Center.

We have different pricing levels for our tickets: Normal, and Last Minute. Purchase your tickets early to save money and help us know how many attendees we will have.

Our current confirmed talks include the following. Note that some talks might actually fit in multiple categories, so please take a look at all the talks.

  • AI/ML
    • State-of-the-art Search with Azure AI Cognitive Search – Brian McKeiver, BizStream, Microsoft MVP
    • Build Your Own GenAI Model – Vikram Toward, Omni Labs, Google Developer Expert ML & GCP
    • Using LLMs to bridge the Fuzzy Human / Digital Computer Bounday – tools for EVERY developer – Allen Firstenberg, Google Developer Expert Machine Learning, Google Workspace & Google Assistant
    • Generative AI: The Next Frontier of Conversational AI – Nilesh Patel, Google
    • Production Ready Document Extraction with Generative AI, LangChain, and Vertex AI on GCP – Keith Bourne, Gradient Valley
    • AI and Climate Change: Bridging the Past and Future – Nadia Tahiri, University of Sherbrooke
  • Mobile
    • Simplified App Navigation with Android Jetpack Compose Navigation – Madona S. Wambua, Jibu Labs, Google Developer Expert Android
    • What’s up with Android’s back? – Nav Singh, Manulife, Google Developer Expert Android
    • Freaky Fast Universal Full-Stack With Firebase and Expo Router – Keith Kurak, Expo
    • Introduction to Flutter – Mike Nimer, Google
    • Developing for the Apple Vision Pro – Chad Hamdan, Little Caesars
    • Getting Started with Flutter for Embedded Linux – Ben Jacques, Spin Dance
  • Fullstack
    • Getting started with Blazor – Dan Schnau
    • Firebase Talk: Advanced queries and Authentication – Bandhan Kaur, Google Women Tech Makers Ambassador & Excelerate America
    • Implementing Small Design Systems – Alex Riviere, Nexcor Technology
    • From Zero to Kafka Hero: A Comprehensive Introduction – Vyas Bhuman, Credit Acceptance
    • Demystifying The Dreaded A/B Test – Chris DeMars, Harness
    • Data Sharing Issues with microservice architecture – Amit Rathi, The Mobile Dev
  • Misc
    • Lead Your Local Tech Community, Gain the Edge in your Career  – Don Ward, Google
    • Technically designs and features that improve living with disabilities – Daniel Hope
    • Empowering Developers: Shipping Accessible Digital Experiences – Greg Miller, Shrinkray Interactive, LLC
    • Empowering Diversity in Tech: A Journey of Innovation and Inclusion – Ceclynn Fielder-Sherrer, DataFielder, INC.
    • Seven Habits of Somewhat Effective Self-Taught Programmers – Chris Turvey, Finv
    • Thriving in Constraints: AI-Infused UX Strategies for Tight Timelines, Scarce Resources, and Modest Budgets – Erica Olson, Little Caesars

This years sponsors include Google, Little Caesars, Jet Brains and Composables. Contact us if your organization would like to join the list. Michigan DevFest attendees agree to follow the Code of Conduct.