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Who are your target users, and what brings them joy? Are you focusing on the right problem? What is the best solution to the problem? At Menlo, we use High-Tech Anthropology® to address these questions and mitigate the inherent risks associated with product development to avoid the typical, expensive pitfall of building the wrong product for the wrong people.

In this two-day interactive in-person workshop at Menlo, we’ll introduce you and a group of other interested individuals to a condensed version of our unique approach to design thinking. You’ll learn what it takes to get stakeholder agreement on product direction and how to create products people love to use. You will run through our process from end to end, becoming familiar with a variety of techniques to gather critical user and business information and distill it into successful design. Throughout the workshop, we’ll give you opportunities to reflect on how to bring these practices back to your own work environment and provide you with takeaway materials to start you on your way.