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*Rescheduled from November 29*

Discover how to integrate your custom data seamlessly, set up your assistant, and enhance your AI workflows with personalized automation. In our next live discussion, Lance Carlson breaks down the process of building your AI tools tailored for any task by utilizing OpenAI’s innovative brand new Assistants feature.

New Frontiers in AI: Get a sneak peek into the capabilities and potential of customizing AI to meet your unique workflow demands, making your tech smarter and more intuitive.

Behind the Scenes: Gain valuable insights on how the Assistants feature can revolutionize how we interact with AI, from conception to execution.

Workflow Wisdom: Tips on streamlining your AI projects for maximum efficiency and smarter outcomes.

Early Adopter Insights: Learn from firsthand experiences, the surprises, the challenges, and the unexplored opportunities that come with this new technology.

Be among the first to delve into OpenAI’s latest innovation by joining this discussion on the Great Lakes Tech Leaders Discord server! Bring your questions and lunch, and join us in the “Lunch with Tech Leaders” voice channel at 12 pm EST. Become part of the community here: