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WHAT: Join Integrate Detroit for a free virtual introduction to Java. We will be learning about Java as a programming language, answering some questions like: What can you do with it? Why is it so popular? Then we will create a simple working Java program.

WHO: A great course for beginners. If you’ve ever been curious about the programming we are here to get you started on your journey. Please bring your own laptop.

WHERE: Free to attend online. Act fast! We have 30 seats available. YOU MUST REGISTER HERE:

WHEN: Saturday, September 17th, 10 am-12 pm Eastern

ABOUT US: We are Integrate Detroit. Our mission is to develop software engineering talent and a community that is representative of the location Integral calls home.

Falguni Gondnale is a Software Engineer at Integral. She is currently working with Java, in an IoT system to enable the streaming of thousands of messages per second, and data conversion from devices to the cloud in real-time. She has worked in finance and banking domains in the past, weaving complex legal rules with business requirements into enterprise software. Falguni works remotely from Detroit. She likes board games and enjoys cooking a fresh homemade meal.

Prachi More is a Software Engineer at Integral with 5 years of experience working in the software industry. She has worked on web-based services and reactive UI development. She has good experience applying OOP concepts in applications. She is originally from India and works remotely from Detroit for the past 4 years. She enjoys mountain biking, playing video games, and trying a new sport from time to time.