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Join us for an agile leap into Object-Oriented User Experience and explore its alignment with Lean methodologies. What is a user mental model and why should you care? All the reasons! Hosted by product designer Danny Preslar and software engineer Seth Barton, this webinar will provide a solid glimpse into one of the most collaborative frameworks in software design and development.

Host Bios

Danny Preslar is a senior product designer with 10+ years experience in UX, UI, creative direction, and systems design. He thrives on collaborative agile teams and has a passion for making the bridge between design and development as short and strong as possible. Danny is motivated by solving complex problems, guided always by a core principle: Don’t make the user think! Beyond product design, Danny is a futbol fanatic, but finds the most enjoyment in being a father.

Seth Barton knew programming was meant for him when he coded his way out of his statistics homework in his first semester of college. Since then, he’s been writing web applications for startups and enterprises – promoting disciplined software development along the way. He currently works at Integral as a senior software engineer, helping to transform businesses into high-quality technology organizations. When he’s not programming, Seth likes to hit the roads on his bicycle, cook, read, and play video games.