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Get hands-on with the most impactful technologies for manufacturers! Michigan is becoming a hub for manufacturing innovation, led by small and medium companies, STEM professionals and students, and everyone with a stake in our state’s future. Together, we’re part of Michigan’s 4th Industrial Revolution, being inspired by our history and building – day in and day out – a stronger, more resilient manufacturing sector.

Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, in collaboration with Automation Alley, Washtenaw Community College, and Ann Arbor SPARK, invites you to an Industry 4.0 event showcasing how advanced technologies can propel your community into the future.

Join us for an event featuring live technology demonstrations and opportunities for manufacturers to speak directly with experts about how innovation can increase productivity, improve quality, or tackle the labor shortage. Do you know which technologies will provide maximum improvements and ROI at your facility? You’ll get a chance to speak with our technology experts about our free, personalized Technology Opportunity Assessment.

This Event Features:

  • Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Augmented/Assisted Reality
  • Internet of Things/System Integration/Human Machine Interaction
  • Automation & System Integration