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The Inclusive Workplace Series provides training and guidance to growing companies in the greater Ann Arbor region who want to understand various aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to consider in the development of their business. The series helps executives, HR professionals, team members, and all champions and allies learn how to build a more inclusive workplace culture that can result in improved hiring, employee retention and engagement, and deliver ROI in terms of innovation, performance, and growth.

In this Inclusive Meetings session, participants will:

  • Recognize ways to change your mindset about meetings.
  • Identify alternative ways to hold meetings given the new normal.
  • Demonstrate inclusive and effective facilitation skills to ensure maximum participation and eliminate habits that make meetings unproductive.
  • Ensure all meetings end with action items.

Important Note:
Due to the interactive nature of this series, participation is limited and recordings of the events will not be available.