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Ready to dive into the future of technology? Seize the opportunity of a lifetime and apply now for the U-M Center for Entrepreneurship’s Generative AI Student Innovation Competition!

The AI Challenge is an exciting competition designed to foster innovation, problem-solving skills, and collaboration among students at the University of Michigan. This competition provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their knowledge and expertise by utilizing artificial intelligence tools (AI) while tackling real-world challenges. Through this competition, we aim to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, explore cutting-edge AI technologies, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Show off your AI skills and tackle global problems
  • Utilize U-M’s cutting-edge AI services like U-M GPT, U-M Maizey, and the U-M GPT Toolkit
  • Win up to $4,500 in prizes for your innovative solutions!

Applications are due November 17
Questions? Contact Nick Moroz, Director of Entrepreneurial Practice: