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Join Innovation Partnerships on November 30 for the next installment of our Software Thought Leadership Series, “Generative AI – Commercialization Spotlight & IP Trends.” We will delve into critical IP and legal considerations for university innovators and the latest patent and copyright trends. We will also spotlight two GAI-based technologies developed at U-M and their journeys toward commercialization and broader societal impact.

Generative AI holds immense potential across diverse domains, reshaping how we approach creativity, problem-solving, and automation. Yet, as these opportunities emerge, the legal landscape is grappling with complex issues from intellectual property to legal implications.


  • Perry Samson, Professor Emeritus of Climate and Space Sciences, Co-Founder of LearningClues
  • Elliot Soloway, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Co-Director of Center for Digital Currricula
  • Brian Doughty, Associate General Counsel, U-M Office of the Vice President and General Counsel
  • Randy Rueth, Partner and Chair – Electrical and Computer Technologies, Marshall, Gerstein & Bourn LLP
  • Ashwathi Iyer, Assistant Director of Licensing, Innovation Partnerships (moderator)
  • Tina Suntres, Assistant Director of Licensing, Innovation Partnerships (moderator)

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