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Ann Arbor SPARK is proud to introduce the GEM Entrepreneur in Residence Program as we work to support the collective GEM effort to drive equitable economic growth through the advanced mobility industry. The program is designed to connect highly experienced and skilled talent with innovative startup companies in mobility throughout southeastern Michigan. It will provide financial and administrative support for these placements.

Join us at noon on Wednesday, April 26 as we introduce the key elements of the program.

Specific topics to be addressed include:

  • What does an EIR engagement look like?
  • What are the benefits to being/hiring an EIR?
  • What are the program’s goals?
  • What are the next steps to get involved?

We will also be joined by Gus Simiao, a current-serving EIR from Ann Arbor SPARK’s local EIR program to shed light on the role of an EIR and the impact they can have.

Gus Simiao is a serial entrepreneur with venture capital investing experience. He has been the CEO of several companies that commercialized novel technologies from leading research universities. He has been an investor and board member in early-stage investments and has advised the University of Michigan, MIT, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Brown on taking novel technologies to market. Previously, Gus was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and a sales engineer at Dana Corporation. He has an MBA from the University of Michigan.