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Join Bamboo’s growing startup community for our Startup Pitch Night series in person at Bamboo Ann Arbor.

Hear from 3-5 new founders and creators as they pitch a product, idea, or technology company to the crowd. Listen to the presentations followed by Q&A and general community updates. This is great way to connect to the growing startup community. Anyone launching a new product or technology is invited to apply to present.

Startups Presenting

  • Chris Powers, Reciprocity – Reciprocity builds software to make it easier to run a nonprofit program while most importantly, giving members of our communities fast reliable access to the resources they need.
  • Cliff Veach, Deaf-Tek Studio – Multi-Lingual Assistive Technology for Hearing to Deaf Communication & Conversation
  • Monica Alexander, Veteran EV Charging – On & off grid solutions. ROI = >7 years. EV Chargers? Yes. The real savings is in our PODS. Your Fleet Powered Up + Cash Money Savings = Us paving the way to a brighter future with a simple switch!
  • Kamil Litman, Neferdat – Neferdata provides a no-code platform and API suite that empower companies to automate their manual workflows utilizing unstructured, semi-structured and irregularly structured data with the help of Gen AI and LLMs.

This event is hosted in partnership with Ann Arbor New Tech Meetup with support from Lake Trust and Dell for Startups.