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We’ll go over the basics of TypeScript, object-oriented programming, and data structures, by creating our own data structure from scratch.

This course is perfect for people new to programming, but familiar with the fundamentals.

To be prepared for this class it is recommended to already understand:

  • If statements
  • Variables
  • Loops

Knowing these concepts in any language will be sufficient. You will learn TypeScript in the class. All you need to follow along in the class is internet access. Please bring your own laptop. We’ll be using the online editor at to write all our code.

This course is free to attend online, but act fast! We only have 30 seats available.

About Us: 
Integrate Detroit’s mission is to support the development of software engineering capabilities within Detroit and to reduce the race and gender gap amongst software technologists in Detroit.

Meet Your Instructor: 
Seth Barton knew programming was meant for him when he coded his way out of his statistics homework in his first semester of college. Since then, he’s been writing web applications for startups and enterprises – promoting disciplined software development along the way. He currently works at Integral as a consultant helping to transform businesses into high-quality technology organizations. When he’s not programming, Seth likes to hit the roads on his bicycle, cook, read, and play video games.