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Join the A2Y Chamber November 7 for an interactive, open, and honest dialogue with co-founders Lorenzo Sewell and Evans Panton from Diversity-N-U. Diversity-N-U is a cultural consulting and coaching firm focused on helping organizations reach their DEI goals and to become better leaders by embracing diversity in their work and lives. By embracing diversity, businesses can achieve higher levels of success, create a workplace of collective understanding and mutual respect, and build a more equitable and inclusive work culture.

Sewell and Panton, from two different backgrounds, met not too long ago, became friends, and the rest is history. They will provide tools, strategies, and best practices to help create a culture shift that is embraced by your organization. They will talk about cross-cultural communication, proper etiquette in different cultural settings, and take you through a four-step process to help you understand race, its beauty and challenges. Come hear their story!

About the Presenters: 

Pastor Lorenzo Sewell
Co-founder and managing partner, Diversity-N-U
Lorenzo has had an incredible journey to get where he is today. He experienced a tumultuous upbringing with his father being convicted of murder and his younger brother losing his life to violence. Despite these difficult circumstances, he persevered, received his bachelor’s degree from Destiny University, and has devoted his life to serving his community, helping to build a brighter future for those in need, and working with businesses to create inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces.

Evans Panton
Co-founder, Diversity-N-U
Evans is passionate about helping people and organizations. As a coach, he helps individuals identify and connect their strengths, passions, and professional experience in ways that lead to productive opportunities and results. He believes that success is grounded in knowing one’s core values, maintaining sharp focus, and building strong personal relationships and partnerships.

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