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a2Tech360 is Ann Arbor’s tech week organized by Ann Arbor SPARK. It takes a 360-degree look at Washtenaw County’s tech ecosystem. While Ann Arbor SPARK hosts 8 signature a2Tech360 events, partner events are a major aspect of the week.

Partner events are hosted and paid for by external organizations/companies and take place in Washtenaw County during a2Tech360 (9/20-27). Each event creatively delves into one or more of the 4 following categories in relation to the local tech community: Science (STEM), Art (Marketing/Design), Capital (Business/Investor Relations) and People (social life, local policies, workplace experiences, etc.).

Join us at Ann Arbor SPARK Central 5/7 at 4 – 7 pm ET for a Kickoff event for organizations interested in hosting an a2Tech360 partner event. This is a valuable chance to learn from past a2Tech360 event hosts, exchange ideas, and find inspiration to craft your unique event.