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Amplifying Human Enterprise: How might we find uplift amid upheaval?

Every day, organizations around the world set out to do good work—solving complex problems, addressing seemingly intractable issues, generating relational, social, and financial wealth, and finding new ways to create a better world for their communities. And every day, whatever comes, organizations around the world do their important work in the face of disruption, distress, turmoil, and turbulence. Our conference theme, “Amplifying Human Enterprise: How might we find uplift amid upheaval?” will explore how we are living and working together in this time of both grief and gratitude, upheaval and uplift.

During the conference, you’ll engage with thought leaders and the latest research on how to build and bolster thriving organizations. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse industries. Attendance is limited to ensure high-quality experiences for all, so early registration is recommended. We encourage group attendance to experience the most content and to help enact positive initiatives coming away from the conference.

In-person and online options. Early Bird pricing available through Sunday, March 31.

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