Guiding Principles

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Long Range Goals

The Ann Arbor region will:

  • Be known as a "hot spot" for high-value, knowledge-intensive and diverse talent
  • Build a unified region working together to achieve common economic objectives, without duplication of effort utilizing the Open Source Economic Development® concept
  • Be on a "short list" for site selectors and other influencers as a sought after location
  • Be known as an innovation hub with access to funding and business creation/development support under the @nnarborusa brand
  • Have national and international brand recognition
  • Be recognized as one of the nation's best regions for innovation-based business retention and growth through a proactive business development effort


  • Engage area partners in regional economic development
    • Economic development organizations
    • Universities and colleges
    • Foundations
    • Business influencers and networks
  • Provide comprehensive economic development services for all of Washtenaw County
  • Focus on entrepreneurial assets and resources
    • Region is viewed as an entrepreneurial hub
    • Region is viewed as a talent hub for biosciences, alternative energy, etc.
    • Continue building out entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Benchmark within and outside of the industry
  • Demonstrate sustainability through programs
  • Launch L3C subsidiaries where appropriate