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Ann Arbor Spark

SPARK Virtual Open House: 2021 Programming Preview

Thursday, December 17 2020 at 11:00am - 12:00pm

Ann Arbor is home to a vibrant tech ecosystem which continues to have the highest startup density compared to other cities in the Midwest. Ann Arbor SPARK supports that ecosystem with rich programming, valuable services, and knowledgeable resources.

We’re excited for 2021 — and hopeful for a return to in-person events. Until then, we continue to support our ecosystem with resources and programming to promote startups into the new year! We invite SPARK clients, Michigan entrepreneurs, and the general public who are curious about our programs to attend our virtual open house and 2021 showcase.

We are also excited to announce the new SPARK Book Club with our partners at Humanergy. Kicking off in January 2021, the first book is What Great Teams Do Great: How Ordinary People Accomplish the Extraordinary. During the three-part study, we will apply the practical tools in this book to teams of all types – small and large, formal and informal, long-term and temporary.