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Ann Arbor Spark

ACE Webinar | Strategic Planning – Drive Growth & Capture Opportunities

Tuesday, August 31 2021 at 11:30am - 12:30pm

Ann Arbor SPARK is launching a new educational series, Accelerating Company Excellence (ACE). ACE is designed to help small business owners learn new skills and reinforce best practices by learning from subject matter experts in finance, sales, marketing, and accounting. ACE also offers the opportunity for in-person networking where business owners can share tips, challenges, and opportunities with each other.

Companies that prioritize frequent strategic planning seize growth opportunities, react quicker to trends, create competitive advantages, and increase profitability. It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or an established Fortune 500 company, strategic planning is necessary to bridge the gap between vision and execution. This presentation will provide a framework for your strategic planning process, highlighting key activities that will increase the likelihood of success. You will leave this session with a roadmap for developing a strategy that will help your company achieve its goals and objectives. This session is perfect for small or middle market businesses looking to think outside the box and reposition their vision and strategy.

ACE is brought to you by Ann Arbor SPARK and generously sponsored by Fifth Third Bank and UHY.