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How can communities and workers benefit and thrive from federal investment — or without?

Federal investments in regional and local manufacturing are at an unprecedented level. However, communities and practitioners are concerned that without inclusive solutions, those workers that stand to benefit the most will not enter quality career pathways in the sector. Since 2020, UMA has helped communities create the conditions to ensure that workers are able to thrive by uniting workforce development practitioners, education and training institutions, manufacturing companies, and community-based organizations to jointly pursue approaches that increase racial and gender equity in manufacturing.

Join UMA and our network for an intimate, day-long, and solutions-forward Convening to discuss how your and other communities are approaching the workforce challenges presented by this moment in time – regardless of federal investment. Attendees will hear from peers and national practitioners, with ample time for discussion and co-creation of solutions with each other. We will come out of the day connected to new approaches, ideas, and people that can inspire work in your own place.