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The Lean Product and Process Development Exchange (LPPDE) is holding a conference at SPARK in October!  LPPDE is an international organization setup to build a network, knowledge, and understanding about how to apply lean principles to Research and Development Organizations. LPPD provides a well proven, and culturally grounded initiative which, if applied effectively drives increased speed to market, throughput and ROI, as well as significant organizational engagement.

The majority of the conference will be held at SPARK Central Innovation Center.  The first and last days, October 2 and 5, respectively, will be workshops covering the basics of LPPD, the Culture of Innovation, a session at U-M SWE about Opportunities for Women in Engineering, Visible Knowledge – How to Leverage and Build Tradeoff Curves, a session on the LPPD/Agile Interface, and more!  The conference on October 3 and 4 will include presentations from multiple companies about the successes and learning they have found with the application of LPPD in their organizations.  There will also be presentations on some of the fundamental principles of LPPD, as well as a tour of Menlo with a focus on experimentation and culture and multiple opportunities for networking.

We are looking forward to a fantastic conference in beautiful Ann Arbor, MI, and would encourage and love to have the local community join us! 50% discount for Students and Faculty!!