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Join the Integral team for Intro to Next.js. This class is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the Next.js web framework over a 2-hour session and is ideal for developers familiar with basic React concepts. If you want to learn about the Next.js web framework and how it can help with future web projects, this is the session for you! The class will cover essential aspects of Next.js, from its origins and key features, to practical deployment strategies.

If you’d like to follow along you’ll need a Node.js version >= 18.17.0. This is required to use the latest Next.js quickstart command. You can download the latest version of Node.js here or use nvm to upgrade your node version.

Sign up for a Vercel account to deploy your app.

This webinar is free to attend online.
Please RSVP with your email address on Eventbrite. Act fast! We have 30 seats available.

About Us:
Integrate Detroit’s mission is to support the development of software engineering capabilities within Detroit and to reduce the race and gender gap amongst software technologists in Detroit.

Meet Your Instructors:
Vaughn Walker is a senior software engineer at Integral with 5+ years of experience building various web applications for small and large organizations. For his last 3 projects, he used Next.js as the web framework to develop production applications. Beyond the world of code, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 9 year old son, hanging outdoors, floating on his Onewheel, and playing golf.