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Everybody is talking about ChatGPT these days.  Many think it’s incredibly useful while some urge caution around what information you give it and how much you trust the output.  In this class, we’ll discuss how to get the most out of this tool in efficient ways, how to protect yourself and your company from oversharing, and how to build trust into the output you receive from it.

This class is for those familiar with ChatGPT and want to use it safely and efficiently for real work and is free to attend online. Please RSVP with your email address on Eventbrite. Act fast! We have 30 seats available.

Before You Arrive:
Head to and set up a free account.  You will need this if you want to follow along with examples.

About Us: 
Integrate Detroit’s mission is to support the development of software engineering capabilities within Detroit and to reduce the race and gender gap amongst software technologists in Detroit.

Meet Your Instructor:
Joe Colburn is a Senior Software engineer with decades of programming experience.  He’s a GPT and AI enthusiast with a passion for finding new ways to do things better.