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There is significant demand for limited street space; downtown streets serve as public gathering and business space while providing critical access to downtown jobs and amenities. By looking at all of these needs and uses together, we intend to serve all and ensure that every person feels welcome and has access to downtown. 

The Downtown Circulation Study is a collaboration between the Ann Arbor DDA and the City of Ann Arbor. The study, along with community engagement, will inform priorities for future capital improvements to the downtown and near downtown streets.  

The study is guided by the DDA’s values and the values and goals established in the City’s Moving Together Transportation Plan. Collectively, these values emphasize the following key priorities: 

  • Safety for all people, regardless of their age, ability, or transportation choices 
  • Improve access to the downtown for all people 
  • Support the affordability, livability, and economic vibrancy of the downtown 
  • Advance carbon neutrality goals and improve resilience and sustainability 

Join us for a public engagement workshop or open house to learn more about this project. The Ann Arbor DDA and City Transportation Department are co-leading this effort with involvement from TheRide and other City Departments.  Questions about this project should be directed to Amber Miller at the Ann Arbor DDA: and Trevor Brydon: