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Our money story shapes our beliefs about earning, spending, and saving. Influences from our family, community, and societal norms contribute to what shapes our relationship with money.

​In this interactive workshop facilitated by Shine & Rise member and financial therapist Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, you’ll explore the origins of your money beliefs, gain insights from other Shine & Rise member perspectives, and learn how to rewrite your money story to create a healthier financial relationship. By the end, you’ll be equipped to make more discerning financial decisions and take greater control of your financial future.

What You’ll Get: 

  • An understanding of how our money stories are formed at a young age and are reinforced throughout our lives
  • Insights into how different systems impact our relationship with money
  • Exercises to help you rewrite a compassionate and healthy money story
  • Practical strategies for making more discerning financial decisions

Who it’s For: 

  • Anyone interested in exploring the roots of their financial stories in an interactive workshop
  • Individuals looking to cultivate a healthier relationship with money in a safe, small, and supportive environment with other Shine & Rise members
  • People who want to hear from others about how their family, community, and traditions shape their money beliefs

This event is facilitated by Shine & Rise member, Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, LMSW. Lindsay is a social worker, financial therapist, author, speaker, and the founder of Mind Money Balance.

Thank you to our Candid Conversations sponsor, Venue by 4M, for providing event space and coffee for all attendees. Shine & Rise members are invited to use the daily coworking space in Venue following the event.