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The list below provides one view into the strong variety of programs at Eastern Michigan University.  Please refer the EMU website for the most current information. 

Eastern Michigan University, 2013-2014 Catalog

Undergraduate Majors/Minors


•  Accounting Information Systems Major

•  Applied Technology Major

•  Bachelor's-Master's Degree in Accounting Information Systems

•  Computer Engineering Technology Major

•  Computer Information Systems Major

•  Computer Science - Applied Major

•  Computer Science Major

•  Electronic Engineering Technology Major

•  Engineering Physics Major

•  Information Assurance Major

•  Mathematics Major

•  Mathematics Major with Concentration in Statistics

•  Mechanical Engineering Technology Major

•  Physics Major

•  Simulation, Animation and Gaming Major

•  Technology Management Major


•  Business Information Technology Governance Minor

•  Computer Engineering Minor

•  Computer Information Systems Minor

•  Computer Science Minor

•  Electronic Engineering Technology Minor (EET)

•  Entertainment Design and Technology Minor

•  Geographic Information Systems Minor

•  Mathematics Minor

•  Mathematics Minor with Concentration in Statistics

•  Physics Minor


•  Health Informatics Certificate (CHIN)

Graduate Majors/Minors

Advanced Graduate

·        •  Graduate/Advanced Graduate Certificate in Quality Management (QUAL)


·        •  Bachelor's-Master's Degree in Accounting Information Systems

Graduate Certificate

·        •  Graduate Certificate in Computer Information Systems (IS)

·        •  Graduate Certificate in Educational Media and Technology (EDMT)

·        •  Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Professionals

·        •  Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Informatics

·        •  Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance Management (IAM)

·        •  Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Governance (ITG)


·        •  Master of Arts in Educational Media and Technology (EDMT)

·        •  Master of Arts in Applied Statistics

·        •  Master of Science in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

·        •  Master of Science in Computer Science (CSC)

·        •  Master of Science in Engineering Management (EGMT)

·        •  Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

·        •  Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)