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Alison Beatty

Alison Beatty

Mobility Specialist

Alison Beatty brings a background in research, public policy, and legislative studies to the SPARK mobility team. In her role, she supports the local mobility ecosystem by connecting entrepreneurs to local, state, and federal resources. Alison draws on her background in quantitative and qualitative research to design and execute research projects on the state of mobility in the Ann Arbor region and across the United States.

Building on her love of public policy and cross-national policy diffusion, Alison also tracks state, national, and international legislation in automotive, aerial, and other mobility-related areas to provide insight into legislative trends for companies operating mobility technology in Michigan. Lastly, she works tirelessly to strengthen relationships in the Ann Arbor region’s mobility community through curating content for the SPARK mobility newsletter and hosting events for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry partners to gather and collaborate.

Alison has a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Political Science from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Science in International Political Economy from The University of Texas at Dallas. She is a student pilot and loves anything and everything related to aerospace, aviation, and space exploration.