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Ann Arbor Spark

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find Ann Arbor SPARK’s annual reports?

All of Ann Arbor SPARK’s annual reports can be found online here.


How does Ann Arbor SPARK report results to Washtenaw County for the general fund contribution?

Ann Arbor SPARK provides a full-funding report to the Office of Community and Economic Development at Washtenaw County. That office includes SPARK metrics in its report to the Board of County Commissioners, which is also a part of the board’s annual budget preparation process.

The results included in the report include leveraged funding, jobs created and retained through the funding, and the location of the project.

The most recent report is available here.


How does Ann Arbor SPARK report the work it does in Livingston County?

Ann Arbor SPARK provides quarterly reports detailing its work and results to the Economic Development Council of Livingston County. All reports are archived and can be accessed in the Livingston County here.


How does SPARK measure its business development successes?

Company growth projects, new investment commitments, and announced jobs are industry standard ways of measuring business development success. We track these data points throughout the year and include them within annual report both fiscal-year successes and cumulative data. These data are also reported on a monthly basis to the finance committee and executive committee of SPARK’s board of directors.


How does SPARK report the results of its MEDC-funded business accelerator activities?

As part of its funding obligations for the business accelerator programs that are funded by the MEDC’s 21st Century Jobs Fund, Ann Arbor SPARK is required to report data back to MEDC on a regular basis. The MEDC requires different reports and reporting requirements for each of the programs:

  • Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund
  • SPARK East Innovation Center

The information reported to the state is specified by MEDC, and SPARK has provided all data on time and as required.


How does Ann Arbor SPARK validate its entrepreneurial services jobs figures that it reports to LDFA?

In 2017, the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti SmartZone Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) contracted Stevens Kirinovic & Tucer P.C. (SK&T) to assist them in evaluating the job creation reporting of Ann Arbor SPARK. SK&T’s evaluation included interviewing and observing SPARK’s management and operational personnel to determine how the information is gathered and reported, and also included direct confirmation of the information provided by SPARK with the companies it reported having served.