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15 Things You Can Do in a Crisis (updated Apr 28, 2020)

Times are tough. We get it. Businesses in general — and specifically many entrepreneurial companies — have hit a slow period. But you don’t have to cease operations! There are things that you can do to prepare for the period when this pandemic is over and market opportunities return. Ted Dacko, CEO of Arbor Dakota Strategies, provides 15 pragmatic ideas for what you can do over the next 90 days that do not necessarily involve direct sales efforts.

Webinar Materials

Customer Discovery (updated May 18, 2020)

Part two of the SPARK.tech series.

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Intro to the Lean Startup Method and Creating Your Ecosystem Map (updated May 4, 2020)

Part one of the SPARK.tech series.

Webinar Materials

Meaningful Meetings: Hosting Virtual Conversations with Energy and Engagement (updated May 7, 2020)

The current state of the world is requiring work from home as an essential tool for business continuity. Facilitating inclusive dialogue and effective decision making are important components of meetings and are currently driven by primarily virtual interactions. With that in mind, get ready to engage in thoughtful dialogue, share perspective, and learn practical tips on how to engage teams virtually. A short anonymous survey will be issued a few days prior to the webinar to gather your input.

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