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Ann Arbor Spark


“SPARK plays a critical role in the success of business, non-profit and entrepreneurial opportunities in the Ann Arbor region.   From the incubator tools to talent sourcing to community partnerships, the dozens of SPARK programs available to help the small to large organizations thrive is a testament to the exceptional dedication of the SPARK staff.

As Ann Arbor is a growing tech hub, SPARK is a pioneer in connecting talent to businesses and early funders to growth engines.  We at Arbor Networks are consistently amazed with the creativity and passion presented by SPARK to ensure organizations choose the Ann Arbor region, stay, grow and thrive in this wonderful community.”

– Lon Lowen, Arbor Networks

“The Ann Arbor region is vibrant with undeniable energy, fueled by a growing economy and the state’s lowest unemployment rate.  SPARK’s partners, funders, and supporters recognize that everyone benefits when a business starts up or grows in the Ann Arbor region.  Bank of Ann Arbor has been a private sector funder of SPARK since the founding in 2005 and is proud of the exceptional work that SPARK does each and every day to make sure our economy continues to grow and expand.  We are thankful to be a partner in supporting SPARK’s impact in the region.”

– Tim Marshall, Bank of Ann Arbor

“The Ann Arbor SPARK and Fifth Third Bank partnership supports small businesses, which are the backbones of our economy. With the help of SPARK, together we can build strong businesses, which leads to strong communities.”

– Tawnya Rose, Fifth Third Bank

“The Consumers Energy Foundation is proud to support Ann Arbor SPARK because their work reflects our commitment to people, the planet and economic prosperity. Our Foundation’s funding helps to enhance SPARK’s innovative projects and campaigns that align with priorities that we and all Michiganders share.”

– Venkat (DV) Rao, Consumers Energy