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Ann Arbor Spark

Webinar | Navigating the Landscape of Telehealth in Korea

Thursday, September 09 2021 at 10:00pm - 11:00pm

Though Korea’s digital industry has rapidly developed due to high-speed internet penetration and open market for innovation, growth in the tele-health market has been relatively slow. One of the main reasons is that conducting doctor-to-patient tele-health services is illegal and banned in Korea. However, there are recent developments that are promising: doctor-to-patient tele-health services are temporarily allowed due to COVID-19 situation, and the Korean government, including the Prime Minister’s Office, is also discussing deregulation of the tele-health sector.

Amid these recent developments, AMCHAM Korea and the Commercial Section at the U.S. Embassy invite you to a webinar to help navigate the landscape of tele-health in Korea. It will diagnose the current environment of the Korean tele-health industry, listen to the management stories of tele-health business in Korea, and discuss the prospective regulation changes. The event will feature speakers from the Korea Telemedicine Society (KTS), Baxter Korea, and Lee & Ko, who will discuss Korea’s tele-health industry and anticipated regulatory changes.

Join us on September 10 to learn more about the trends, opportunities, and challenges of Korea’s tele-health market.