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Ann Arbor Spark

Virtual Event | Compassionate Change : Tools for Taking Mindful Action

Thursday, March 18 2021 at 10:00am - 4:30pm

You know the old saying, “The only constant in life is change.” We’ve all been working through our fair share of it over the last year! As the changes continue to come our way, how can we infuse more compassion into how we lead in our lives?

Next month marks a full year since we’ve had to change a lot about how we live and work. We’ve been forced to pivot, pivot, and pivot again, and as we continue to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and our organizations, two truths that have made themselves increasingly clear:

1) As uncomfortable as it can sometimes feel, change has been and will always be a part of life – and the intensity and pace of change is here to stay.

2) Compassion is a key component of effective leadership and the sustainability of healthy, agile organizations and their employees.

How do we lead compassionately through change? And how can we effectively make the changes necessary to move toward building more compassionate organizations and leaders?

Join us at Compassionate Change: Tools for Taking Mindful Action as we bring together some great minds to tackle these questions. With an exciting mixture of virtual workshops, a keynote address and small group discussions, you’ll leave the day with inspiration aplenty and tools for infusing compassion into how you lead in your day-to-day life. You’ll hear stories that inspire the head and heart and learn actionable tools to put your insights to use right away.

🌟 BONUS: We’ll even send you a ZingTrain journal and some delicious Zingerman’s treats to snack on while you learn! Register by March 10th to get your box of treats in time to snack on during the event!