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Ann Arbor Spark

The Super Powers of an Influential Storyteller

Thursday, September 13 2018 at 8:45am - 12:00pm

Storytelling is one of the most important skills a leader can develop to inspire others to join them because it leverages the rational, social, and emotional decision-making in all of us.  Effective storytelling can make the difference between achieving compliance and creating champions.

This workshop was created for professionals and change makers looking to increase their influence. The session is rooted in experiential learning design, informed by academic research, and facilitated by change experts.

Join Kara Davidson and Stephanie Judd, co-founders of Wolf & Heron, for a three-hour workshop experience.

The schedule will run as follows:

Coffee and snacks will be provided. Please arrive by 8:45am so we can begin promptly.

Directions and Parking Information for the Michigan League: https://uunions.umich.edu/content/directions-michigan-league

To learn more about our workshops visit wolfandheron.com  or email us at info@wolfandheron.com.

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