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Ann Arbor Spark

The Ecosystem of Additive Manufacturing and Strategies for Scale Up

Friday, March 15 2019 at 8:15am - 12:45pm

In the last two-and-half decades additive manufacturing has made great strides with 3D printing evolving as a viable option to design and produce quality products efficiently across multiple industries. Examples range from custom prosthetics, jet engine fuel nozzles, musical instruments, to custom houses. In 2018, the additive manufacturing market had reached $7 billion and is estimated to be growing over 20% annually. The advances in generative design and additive technologies to produce them has certainly pushed this technology beyond prototype and concept testing stage to an ecosystem to deliver products to be deployed efficiently in the field at scale. This ecosystem comprises of rapidly expanding equipment manufacturers, software vendors for product and process design, makers of printing materials, firm that deliver 3D printing as a solution and finally users ranging from small business to large enterprises. Are we now at an inflection point in the economics of manufacturing technology? Widespread adoption and scaling of this technology will entail careful consideration of the comparative tradeoffs in different options that are linked to preparing the organization for this change, management of the technology, adapting business processes and managing the expectations of customers and the employees.

In this half-day symposium, we have assembled speakers & panelists to discuss the current and future state of the technology and provide multiple stakeholder perspectives on the opportunities and challenges in this journey.

Confirmed speakers / panelists include: Jim Miller, Strategic Advisor, AREVO Labs; Prof. Jyoti Mazumder, Robert H. Lurie Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering; John Nanry, Chief Product Officer, Fast Radius; Scott Borduin, Chief Technology Officer, Autodesk; Andy Storm, President & CEO, Eckhart; Kevin Quinn, Director of Additive Design & Manufacturing, General Motors, Matt Wise, CEO, Fisher Unitech, Representation from Stratasys, Ford, Cummins, etc. to be confirmed.

Ross School of Business
University of Michigan
Tappan Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI