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Ann Arbor Spark

SPARK.tech | Workshop #1: Intro to the Lean Startup Method and Creating Your Ecosystem Map

Monday, May 04 2020 at 9:00am - 10:30am

Do you have a groundbreaking idea, but are unfamiliar with the product development and entrepreneurial arenas? Whether you’re an innovator, new entrepreneur, seasoned researcher, or just curious about commercialization, the SPARK.tech workshop series is designed to guide you through the first stages of commercialization.

Join us Monday, May 4 for Workshop 1: Intro to Lean Startup and Ecosystem Mapping

In this workshop, we will discuss the idea and methods behind Lean Startup and why this approach is beneficial for early innovators and entrepreneurs. Additionally, we will cover the concept of building an ecosystem map to help you determine the priorities of your stakeholders.