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Ann Arbor Spark

SPARK.ed | Essential Sales and Marketing Skills for Entrepreneurs

Thursday, November 19 2020 at 12:00pm - 1:00pm

In this session, you will learn a number of important skills necessary to successfully market your company and to effectively sell your products and services. The skills you will learn in this session can have a significant impact on both your business and your personal relationships.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn these important skills in this fun and interactive training!

About our Presenter:

Kenneth G. Hasty is an award-winning salesperson, speaker, trainer, author, and an experienced Fortune 500 corporate sales and marketing executive. He has been ranked among LinkedIn’s “Top 10 Management Consultant and Sales Coach” profiles and “Top 1%” on their Social Selling Indexes. Kenneth has worked in all 50 states as well as several countries. He is an entrepreneur with some LLCs of his own and currently consults in a broad spectrum of industries. Leverage Kenneth’s experience, expertise, and valuable insights to help you grow your company.