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Ann Arbor Spark

Reset Your Career: A Comprehensive Series to Help Women Take Control of their Careers

Tuesday, November 06 2018 at 10:00am - 12:00pm

Women, get ready to take charge and reset your careers!

Join us in November 2018 for the kick-off of our new program, designed specifically for women ready to return to the workplace or re-invent their careers.

In this four-part series, we will address common return-to-work concerns, provide valuable information in a safe learning environment and work with you to develop your personal brand story. All of this is designed to successfully start a job search.

In addition to the interactive workshops (complete with homework!), the program includes one hour of private career counseling. Let’s get started! 

Session I – November 6:
Focus on where you are in your career search journey.
We will discuss important job search tools and get to the heart of discovering what is it you love to do. 

Session II – November 13:
Regroup and develop your pitch and brand story.
We will discuss the importance of having a consistent message with your arsenal of tools. 

Session III – November 27:
Refine your pitch and interview techniques.
We will discuss ways to prepare for interviews, role-play and provide feedback.

One Hour Coaching – November/December:
Work one-on-one with us to address specific concerns or provide feedback on your job search tools.

Session IV – December 11:
Review job search strategy and tools. Q&A with Amy Cell entrepreneur, mother, and community advocate.
Reset your career and take charge with your roadmap for success. Meet Amy Cell. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions from an employer’s point of view.

If you have questions and want to speak with one of our Talent Specialists, please call Amy Cell Talent at (734) 747-2936.

215 West Michigan Avenue